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What You Should Know About Colloidal Silver For Your Pet

Colloidal silver is a dominant broad-spectrum antibiotic-inactivating enzymes bacteria, fungi, viruses, and parasites use for oxygen metabolism, then causing the choking after few minutes. Pleomorphic forms which can take different types or mutants of these organisms are also vulnerable. Many antibiotics kill only a few disease-causing microorganisms, but the silver colloid is known for its efficiency over hundreds of them. The antibacterial, anti – viral disinfectants and silver have been known for centuries. Antibiotic use of silver dates back to as old as the Greek and Roman, who also used this metal to make kitchen utensils or containers to store water and serve civilizations. And then they knew that silver inhibits the growth of microorganisms that damage food and drink.

colloidal silver for pets

In fact, at present, it remains confident in the ability of colloidal silver to remove a wide range of organisms pathogens and even for water purification. Until the middle of last century, it was prevalent among Western medical use of colloidal silver to treat dozens of diseases whose origins were viruses, bacteria or fungi, or to help heal wounds and burns. However, the development of antibiotic synthesis defensively by bacteria, such as the case of penicillin led to this natural germicide to a forgotten corner, which tries to rescue doctors and health professionals around the world.

Therefore, colloidal silver works as a catalyst because their presence makes many microorganisms causing infectious diseases cannot breathe and die asphyxiated. And it does so with hundreds of germs. Unlike synthetic antibiotics that destroy enzymes and beneficial bacteria, colloidal silver does not cause any damage or enzymes or any other component of the body. And it is because only attacks the enzymes of unicellular life forms that are radically different from those of multicellular organisms. Furthermore, colloidal silver does not form toxic compounds or react with anything other than the oxygen metabolizing enzyme of a unicellular organism. Therefore can not cause rejections or allergies of any kind.

What is colloidal silver?

Colloidal silver is a suspension in distilled water of tiny silver particles (nanoparticles ranging from 0.01 to 0.001-micron diameter) electrically charged. Do not confuse the silver colloid silver trace element (crystalline state) which is obtained by the chemical method; the silver colloid obtained by physicochemical method (electrolysis). The crystalline state is the state of inanimate objects. Colloidal silver is the result of electrolytic process water attracting submicroscopic silver particles of a more significant piece of pure silver.

Colloidal silver is a broad spectrum antibiotic. While most of the antibiotics used in medicine remove about half a dozen different microorganisms, silver destroys hundreds of them. In the presence of the silver colloid, cell mitosis (replicative division) generate undifferentiated cells, which may take the form necessary to accomplish the repair and healing of the body needs. This explains the ability of colloidal silver to accelerate up to 50% healing processes against accidents.

Colloidal silver does not interact with any medications, and their toxicity is negligible. Two teaspoons per day contain less silver than the allowable limit stipulated by the World Health Organization. Silver is quickly excreted from the body mainly through the urine. According to medical literature, no known side effects from the use of colloidal silver, have never been described cases of interaction with other drugs, not addictive, does not generate intolerance, it has no taste, is odorless, is not toxic, it is safe in pregnancy and lactation, not affecting the eye and not deposited under the skin and other silver compounds that cause staining.

In summary, the colloidal silver is a potent antibiotic against viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungi. It has anti-inflammatory properties and is a highly potent antiseptic that protects against infection naturally. It has been used for years by the medical profession worldwide and hundreds of different diseases.

Dosage and use

Colloidal silver is used for human and animal care. The use of colloidal silver for pets is becoming famous. It is very versatile in use, being used in concentrations of at least ten parts per million. It is recommended as sufficient dewormer tool. It can be taken to make mouthwashes or gargles, to clean wounds or burns, to topically treat the skin, or eyewash in cases of conjunctivitis and other ocular inflammation and infection. The recommended intake is drop per kilo of weight (80kg, 80 drops), dissolved in a little water and divided into two daily doses. In small organisms, ensuring at least ten drops per day. This dosage should initially be maintained for two weeks and then, if desired, can be halved.

To improve absorption of colloidal silver, it is recommended to keep the mouth at least a couple of minutes before swallowing. It is preferable to take an empty stomach and wait a few minutes before eating other foods. The amount used will obviously depend on the size; use an eyedropper to reach the throat or merely dissolve it in food or water.

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